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spacer.gif - 43 Bytes Loev Corporate Filings, Inc. will take your original documents, convert them to your choice of either ASCII or HTML, and file them directly with the SEC.

The process is simple.

CLICK HERE to send us your MS Word and/or MS Excel documents via email to submit@ASAPEDGAR.com. You will be prompted to enter in specific information regarding your company, EDGAR codes, and information about your document.

* Because email can sometimes be unreliable, please call us to notify us verbally of your submission.

We will convert ("EDGARize") your document and then email you a proof.

Review the EDGAR proof of your document and respond to us via email or fax with either written approval to file with the SEC or any changes you need us to make.

Once all changes have been implemented and we have received your written authorization to file, we will transmit your filing to the SEC.

Upon acceptance of your filing, we will email you the SEC confirmation.

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